We are a typical seasonal company with 2 highlights.
A first one during harvest time, which covers the months of September and October.
A second one during expedition, which covers the months of March, April and May.

We would like to hire some motivated workers with a high sense of responsibility, who are willing to join our proper teams in a 1 or 2 shift system.
The job offered consists of inspecting and sorting potatoes, operating big-bag machines, maintenance and cleaning of machines and buildings.

Owel-Ghijs offers an extensive training provided by our Agro Team assisted by our own skilled workers.
This training consists of a lab test, and a production test.
During the first days of employment the temporary workers will be monitored and coached closely.

We are looking for calm people who are able to work concentratedly and can offer the flexiblity we need to comply with our customers' needs. The job is not physically hard nor difficult, but requires a stable concentration -level and the willingness to do a good job.
Besides a good training, Owel-Ghijs offers an internal coaching and a fair salary. Good candidates might be selected to join our proper teams.





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